If people have multiple existences across time, an adherent to person-affecting utilitarianism should probably still be a longtermist.
Why research in Egyptology could be relevant to our decision on whether to have children
If coercion in reproduction is immoral, then prohibiting polygenic screening of embryos should be immoral too.
New article on public attitudes toward PGT-P
"In his talk, Jonathan Anomaly offers an overview of how leading thinkers have used theories of human nature to justify claims about the kind of…
If a controversial hypothesis typically faces an abundance of moralistic attacks, red herrings, and weak arguments, that is at least some evidence in…
Heritability and Etiology from Jonathan Egeland; genetic confounding by Alexander Kruel; high heritability and interventions from Emil Kirkegaard…
Interesting video featuring Jonathan Anomaly, Helmuth Nyborg, Gregory Clark, Jordan Lasker, and others
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